How Perforated Tube Manufacturers Contribute to Modern Decor

The vision of modern decor has changed much over the years, leaning away from the natural warmth of wood and brick often seen in the middle of the 20th century. Much of this shift has taken the form of stainless steel and fixtures within the office or home. An interesting nuance in this style is the increasing presence of perforated metal surfaces, allowing the structure itself to be used to approach lighting and space in newly open ways.

Corporate Style

The office setting today attempts to create a less isolated environment for the employees. Instead of the personal cubicle seen in the 90s, a person's desk is more commonly in full view of their co-worker's. They may sit before a wall comprised mainly of windows instead of a drab off-white room. Modern decor uses stylized holes in partitions, taking advantage of natural light over clinical white bulbs. In the foyer, it would not be unusual to see the work of perforated tube manufacturers in the form of large art installation pieces; a large column of steel with patterns cut into the material. The application of this new age design material doesn't stop there.


In the home, much of the design has also taken on the use of metals over wooden or vinyl materials. Perforated tube manufacturers are contracted to create more efficient light fixtures over mirrors in bathrooms and interesting yard decorations that can cast shadowy patterns on the front deck at night or day. The use of translucent but sturdy materials creates a juxtaposition between actual stability and the appearance of lightness. The prevalence of this style takes advantage of the movement of the sun, again giving rise to heavier reliance on natural light.


Beyond the more noticeable aspects of walls and light fixtures, even the finer points are influenced by the emerging open vibe of modern decorating. Railing specially crafted by perforated tube manufacturers can be installed in stairwells, or used to line the walls to cover unsightly wiring connecting an entertainment system. This is a departure from the urge to include the look of handcrafted art, instead opting for the computer programmer's digitally rendered design to create an open and optimistic aesthetic.

Functionality For the Environment

The look and feel of modern decor is rooted in a pursuit of efficiency. Office and home settings alike benefit from the fluid movement of light and heat, cutting down on the use of artificial lighting and controlled temperature units. Essentially, the ventilation offered by the trend of semi-transparent surfaces creates a decorative style that pushes us closer to an environmentally sound society. If the last few years of this more open design are any indication of things to come, we can expect the early 21st century to be marked by this perforated trend.

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Decorating On A Budget With Cottage Style Decor

Cottage style is a combination of coastal, country, and cabin styles of home decor. It came about when more people started buying cabins or cottages as second homes or vacation retreats in the country. These were either in the mountains, at a lake or seashore, or where ever their favorite vacation spot was. Many times these would be decorated with items they no longer wanted in their main home, or finds from second-hand shops and putting it all together in one big mix of styles. Many young people chose this style, or it chose them, because they recycled hand-me-down furniture from family and friends when they were getting started.

Today cottage style or "shabby chic" has become a popular style. One of the main characteristics is that it is comfortable and casual. Couches and chairs are soft and comfortable and are usually recovered or slip-covered in floral, striped, or plaid material in soft pale colors of blue, green, pink, or grey on white of cream backgrounds or accents. Your fabric should be natural looking and can be made to look older, worn, faded, and soft by soaking in tea. Mix and match your colors and patterns to get a thrown together look.

Furniture cane be mixed and matched also but you want a cohesive effect. When looking for your furniture for a cottage style room find those mixed and matched pieces that have something in common. The shape and size could be similar. The materials could all be the same, ie all wood or all metal. If you can't find a common factor then go for a contrast. Dramatically different can also work well. Be careful though not to make it look cluttered or messy.

The most important element to strive for in cottage style home decor is texture. Different textures need to be layered in the room. For example use weathered furniture and rustic material with ornate accents or delicate old can also bring in some bling with accents like chandeliers, elegant mirrors, glass items, or items in metals like bronze or gold. Bring in the outdoors to add both texture and color. Use flowers or floral colors in accent pieces.

To create a room in cottage style remember to be creative in your decorating. Use old things in new ways. Try to repurpose old items. Use a stack of wooden boxes next to a chair to hold books or to act as a table. Use a chair beside a window to hold flowers. Almost any wooden furniture will fit cottage style if you paint it white, sand the corners, and rough the paint up a little to make it look old. Blend old and new together and use a lot of what you already have.

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Nothing Is Incorrigible, In Life

During our lifetime, often we come across situations, which we are unable to tackle. We are scared to accept the consequences, and are reluctant to face our society. We are struck up in life, with no way out. Some people resort to committing suicide, which is no solution; it is running away from the problem. No problem is insurmountable. There is a way out always.

A case study

* A spouse refuses to reconcile after a recurring domestic fight. "Enough is enough. No more reconciliation, only to quarrel again! Let me isolate myself from him, as we stay together - for children sake or as long as there is no better alternative.", she thought.

* There is no adultery involved, and there is no dishonesty or money manipulation. Relationship is on shaky grounds, as she is too possessive about the relationship, and insists her husband to give secondary status to in-laws. He is keen to continue warm relationship with parents and siblings. He believes: it is possible to be loyal, and loving to the spouse as well as the siblings and parents. He was handing over his salary to her, and she managed his finances for 20 years after marriage. He shunned any interference from his parents in his married life.

* The scenario changed after that. She started a small business, which was successful, and flourished. Her earnings were more than his earnings. She was financially self-reliant and the negative impact of feminism creeped in. She was capable of facing society on her own and he was no longer indispensable.

* Her priority was her business. He has retired from his job. They couldn't have lunch together. He couldn't share his thoughts of his ageing parents with her, as she was not interested. A friend supported her, and told her,"He is always going to be mama's boy. Leave him." The ego clash could never be amicably resolved.

* The unresolved issue resulted in lack of warmth in the relationship, and the spouses were drifting apart. They pretended to present a pleasant facade of a happy family in social circles.

* He tried to bring harmony in the family, to stop degeneration in relationship. However, she was in no mood to reconcile and was determined to teach him a lesson. Time was running out for them. He was 70 and she was 65. What a tragic finale to a 4-decades-old married life! Well, they didn't divorce. They continued to stay together, as incompatible, un-divorced spouses.


* Let bygones be bygone.

Spouses could have forgiven and forgotten the past hurts, they caused to each other, but they didn't. They could have accepted each other, as they were, and not insisted on 'changing' each other to suit and match with their values of life.

* Failure to lead the family

Parents provide leadership to their children as they are growing. When the children are grown up, they should continue to do so. But, if the parents are tied up, with their own ego clashes, they degenerate their role as the guiding mentors, in the family.

* Who suffers!

The World carries on, as usual. Both the spouses lived mechanically, a cold life. A little warmth, flexible attitude could have made all the difference in their lives. They find their parents, siblings, and children are leading their lives as usual, comfortably, and only they are suffering. They created the problems and onus lies on them to solve.

* A universal phenomenon

The only consolation is: they are not 'alone'; majority of couples in the World, either divorce, or continue to live like this. They prefer to live in unhappiness, but will not shed the egos, to live in harmony.

A possible solution out of virtual world

What would have happened, if God has called, back one of them? 65 or 70 is a ripe age, with high probability of normal 'call back by God'.

* They can thank God, for giving them longer life, but try to live as if the other partner doesn't matter, and live rest of their lives happily. Learn to ignore, the unpleasant. It helps.

* The only road block to this solution is: they still face each other in the same house. This is the price, they have to pay for their rigidity in life - lack of tolerance of each other, and inability to forget and forgive each other.

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The Company House At Gloryholler

A little country town, during the 1930's and 1940's, nestled deep between two steep and rugged hills, was indeed booming. Coal mining was the occupation of many young men in the town and there was one mining company that employed the dozen or so men who lived around the valley. But, there were some men with families who were not as fortunate to own their own houses. So, the coal company used their miners to build plain two-story houses with clapboard siding for those, which included my family, to live as long as they were employed with the company.

Our house and every company built house had 4 rooms downstairs and 2 upstairs. No indoor plumbing. Coal was the fuel burned in a fireplace in the living room that supplied heat in the winter. It was like the house was built around the chimney. Heat radiated out from the sides of the chimney which was visible inside and ran straight up through the middle of the house into the 2 bedrooms upstairs. Coal was free. Dad would take us kids riding in the back in his 1940 Ford pickup truck to the mines. There we would load up the truck bed with a week's supply of coal and then unload it in the coal shed once we got home. Everybody used coal and there were some days black coal smoke would lazily float up out of the chimneys from every house and would linger over the valley tree tops with a gray heavy smog. There was always the smell of coal smoke in the air.

No indoor plumbing meant no indoor toilet facilities. So, every house had an outhouse and we took our baths from a pan with water heated on the kitchen stove. From the back porch to the outhouse my father and mother laid down a brick walk. The brick coming from the mines brick yard. My mother was pregnant with me when they built the sidewalk. A few years ago I returned to the place where the house once stood. The area was covered with brush and years of rotten leaves. I began digging around where the house stood and found that brick sidewalk. I loaded my truck bed with as many bricks I could find, took them home and built a hearth where my wood burning stove was to be placed.

My grandmother, on my mother's side, came to live with us for a while. It was a real treat to have her there. Many times we would gather around her as she rocked in her rocking chair. Sitting on the floor my brother and I would listen to her tell of times long ago when she was a little girl. She told of some really scary stories that made the hair stand on the back of our necks. And to this day I can remember those tales and have passed some on to my grandchildren. Poor grandma who was getting up there in age was unable to use the outhouse, so she used a chamber pot which was stored under her bed. Mother would empty the pot at the outhouse every morning.
One day mother decided that we needed a larger outhouse. So, the men from the mines were called on to tear down the old one and build a new one. It was a deluxe outhouse with 2 holes. The only one in the neighborhood that would accommodate 2 people at the same time. My mother was so proud.

Many years have passed and sometimes I yearn for the return of those days. So simple, so uncomplicated, no television, no computers, lazy warm summer evenings sitting in the glider on the front porch with my mother as she chatted with a neighbor. I laid on the glider with my head in her lap listening to them talk about the events of the day. Mother would swing the glider slowly back and forth and every so often a lightning bug would shine it's light down next to the creek. I would fall asleep.

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