Decorating On A Budget With Cottage Style Decor

Cottage style is a combination of coastal, country, and cabin styles of home decor. It came about when more people started buying cabins or cottages as second homes or vacation retreats in the country. These were either in the mountains, at a lake or seashore, or where ever their favorite vacation spot was. Many times these would be decorated with items they no longer wanted in their main home, or finds from second-hand shops and putting it all together in one big mix of styles. Many young people chose this style, or it chose them, because they recycled hand-me-down furniture from family and friends when they were getting started.

Today cottage style or "shabby chic" has become a popular style. One of the main characteristics is that it is comfortable and casual. Couches and chairs are soft and comfortable and are usually recovered or slip-covered in floral, striped, or plaid material in soft pale colors of blue, green, pink, or grey on white of cream backgrounds or accents. Your fabric should be natural looking and can be made to look older, worn, faded, and soft by soaking in tea. Mix and match your colors and patterns to get a thrown together look.

Furniture cane be mixed and matched also but you want a cohesive effect. When looking for your furniture for a cottage style room find those mixed and matched pieces that have something in common. The shape and size could be similar. The materials could all be the same, ie all wood or all metal. If you can't find a common factor then go for a contrast. Dramatically different can also work well. Be careful though not to make it look cluttered or messy.

The most important element to strive for in cottage style home decor is texture. Different textures need to be layered in the room. For example use weathered furniture and rustic material with ornate accents or delicate old can also bring in some bling with accents like chandeliers, elegant mirrors, glass items, or items in metals like bronze or gold. Bring in the outdoors to add both texture and color. Use flowers or floral colors in accent pieces.

To create a room in cottage style remember to be creative in your decorating. Use old things in new ways. Try to repurpose old items. Use a stack of wooden boxes next to a chair to hold books or to act as a table. Use a chair beside a window to hold flowers. Almost any wooden furniture will fit cottage style if you paint it white, sand the corners, and rough the paint up a little to make it look old. Blend old and new together and use a lot of what you already have.

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